Mb-chlor 1% Ear Drops 10/15ml


Each ml contains: Chloramphenicol BP……..10mg


Bacterial infection of the outer ear canal (Bacterial Otitis externa) Caused by organisms susceptible to chloramphenicol.Acute Otitis Media
• Common in children
• Unwell/pyrexia, otalgia/discharge
• there may be tenderness over the mastoid
• discharge in meatus
• loss of outline of drum and landmarks
• TM: red, bulging, oedematous or perforation.
• Mostly viral but can be Streptococcus/Haemophilus

Dosage and Administration:

1 to 3 drops every 4 hourly or as directed by the physician.


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Mb-chlor 1% Ear Drops 10/15ml

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