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  • JointCare
    Glucosamine, Chondroitin with MSM

    Supplements Facts:
    Serving size 3 Tablet: Amount per serving

    Glucosamine 500mg
    Methyl-Sulfonyl-methane 900mg
    Chondroitin sulfate 209mg
    Collagen 183mg
    Boswellia Serrata 181mg
    Vitamin C 45mg
    Sodium 49mg
    Boron 2.25mg
    Manganese 7.5mg
    Hyaluronic Acid 1.6mg


    JointCare instantly suppress the joint pain and swelling.
    JointCare is beneficial for the regeneration of Joints.
    JointCare with its regular use reduce the pain associated with arthritis.
    JointCare provides elasticity and strength to the joints by making them strong; without producing any harmful effect. Thus it can be taken on long term basis.
    JointCare helps overweight individual seeking support for over stressed joint and cartilage.
    JointCare is complete solution arthritis, Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
    JointCare with its regular use of 12 weeks gives relief from joint pain, Swelling and inflammation enabling individuals to live a normal pain-free life from all around the world.


    20 Tablets are available in pet bottle and packed in printed unit carton.

  • Bone Care
    Vitamin D3 + Calcium

    100% Natural Bone Energizer

    Supplements Facts:

    Serving size 1 tablet:
    Amount per serving
    Calcium Carbonate 1500mg
    Calcium Elemental 600mg
    Vitamin D3 500IU

    • BonCare helps to preclude calcium deficiency to strengthen body structure and functions.

    • BonCare contain extra unit of vitamin D3 that facilitate the absorption of calcium and ensures is availability to make bones strong and healthy.

    • BonCare provides adequate quantity of calcium to fight against osteoporosis muscles and joint pain and extra units of vitamin D3 Facilitate the absorption of calcium for those who are deficient in vitamin D3.

    • BonCare provides optimum quantity of calcium to fetus that helps in proper nourishment and reduces the chances of low birth weight in developing child that is why use of BonCare is strongly recommended during pregnancy.

    30 Tablets are available in pet bottle and packed in printed unit carton.

  • Cardio Care
    Co-Enzyme Q10

    Supplements Facts:
    Serving size 1 SoftGel:
    Amount per each Softgel Contains:
    Co-enzyme Q10 50mg

    • Potential to improve and strengthen Cardiac Functions.
    • Increase energy production for the heart muscles
    • Regenerates and recycles antioxidants and reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiomyopathy.
    • Maintains the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol

  • Mega Care
    Omega3 Fish Oil 1000mg

    Supplements Facts:
    Serving size 1 SoftGel:
    Amount per serving
    Fish Oil 1000mg
    (Provides 300mg of total Omega3)

    EPA (Elcosapentaenoic Acid) 180mg
    DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 120mg
    100% Cholesterol Free

    • Lowers cholesterol.
    • Lowers triglyceride level.
    • Strengthen heart.
    • Reduces risk of heart diseases.
    • Reduces blood pressure.
    • Helps to reduce depression.
    • Protect from Schizophrenia
    • Improves development & growth in babies when taken by pregnant women.
    • Increases Alertness and Intensify memory.
    • Ease the effects of Alzheimer’s diseases.
    • Stabilizes mood and DHA helps developing brain in fetus.

    • Reduces pain and inflammation in the body.
    • Ease joint pain.
    • Keeps the Skin glowing.
    • Promotes weight loss.
    • Provides relief from crohn’s disease and colitis.
    • Helps to reduce signs of ulcer.
    • EPA increases the level of adiponectin, which can reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Vita Care
    Multivitamins & Multiminerals

    Supplements Facts:
    Serving size 2 SoftGel:
    Amount per serving
    Vitamin A 340 IU
    Vitamin C 49mg
    Vitamin D3 186.4 IU
    Vitamin E 6.66mg
    Vitamin B1 3.34mg
    Vitamin B2 2mg
    Vitamin B6 3.34mg
    Calcium 23.34mg

    • VitaCare improves over-all well-being and gives sense of good health by replenishing and revitalizing the body.

    • VitaCare contains antioxidant which strengthens the immune system which in return helps in building stamina against all major and minor diseases and infections.

    • VitaCare provide revitalization after illness and help in rapid recovery.

    VitaCare bolsters eye health, promotes vision and precludes eye infection.

    60 SoftGel are available in pet bottle and packed in printed unit carton.