Bone Care
Vitamin D3 + Calcium

100% Natural Bone Energizer

Supplements Facts:

Serving size 1 tablet:
Amount per serving
Calcium Carbonate 1500mg
Calcium Elemental 600mg
Vitamin D3 500IU

• BonCare helps to preclude calcium deficiency to strengthen body structure and functions.

• BonCare contain extra unit of vitamin D3 that facilitate the absorption of calcium and ensures is availability to make bones strong and healthy.

• BonCare provides adequate quantity of calcium to fight against osteoporosis muscles and joint pain and extra units of vitamin D3 Facilitate the absorption of calcium for those who are deficient in vitamin D3.

• BonCare provides optimum quantity of calcium to fetus that helps in proper nourishment and reduces the chances of low birth weight in developing child that is why use of BonCare is strongly recommended during pregnancy.

30 Tablets are available in pet bottle and packed in printed unit carton.



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Vitamin D3 + Calcium

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