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  • Metronidazole + Furazolidone
    Mb-diar Suspension


    Each 5ml contains:
    Metronidazale Benzoate
    e.q. to Metronidazole B.P…100mg
    Futrazolidone B.P ….50mg


    It is recommended for the treatment of dysentery of protozoal, bacterial or mixed origin; amoebiasis (intestinal and extra intestinal disease, and that of symptomless cystpassers): bacillary dysentery, giardiasis and food poisoning caused by the many susceptible strains and species of gram species of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

    Dosage & Administration:
    Adults :

       4 x5 ml 3 times daily


    (1-5Years)   1x5ml 3 times daily
    (Over 5 Years)  2x5ml 3 times daily